Subject: Cheap flights in Europe - Athens to London
Hi Ziners,

I am considering a 10 night Mediterranean cruise with Oceania Cruises next summer that begins in Barcelona and ends in Athens. For the overseas leg of the trip ie from Montreal or Ottawa, I am wanting to fly BA to London to accompany my mother in law , then to take cheap one way flights from London to Barcelona, then from Athens back to London at the end of the cruise.

I have looked at Easyjet, BMI baby and Ryanair, but none seems to fly to Athens. I would be travelling in August (high season, but that is when my kids are out of school!). Can anyone suggest a relatively inexpensive way to do this?

Helen Ottawa, Canada

Modīs note from Covadonga: Easyjet flies between Athens and London, but they wonīt have yet the 2006 summer schedules, and as Greece is a VERY POPULAR destination, you wonīt probably be able to get a great bargain ...