Subject: Re: Hotel in Paris
Marta & George,

Congratulations on your upcoming 25th! It sounds like you have a great trip planned to commemmorate it.

If you are firm in wanting to stay near the Louvre, check out the Hotel St James et Albany:

It is on the Rue du Rivoli, literally across the street from the Tuileries. I stayed there almost ten years ago, but I believe that it has undergone a full makeover since then.

If you are open to considering other parts of the city, I might recommend the Ile St Louis. It is more neighborhood- like than other parts of the city. I have good friends who stayed at the Hotel Jeu De Paume: and found it to be very comfortable. Nancy loved walking the quiet streets in the morning and smelling the first output of the day from the boulangeries. I have been in that hotel and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

Wherever you stay, I am sure you will have a wonderful time.

Best regards, Mark in Los Angeles