Subject: Re: Israel, Jordan, Egypt
Hello Felice and Simon:

My wife and I and several other couples were in Egypt last December and it would be difficult to point out any particular part of the trip more than another. I recommend that you use a tour agency as it is safer than winging it on your own. Tourism is very important to Egypt and the security there is impressive. Because of the horrible traffic in Cairo, and you must see Cairo, the tours pick you up for your daily sightseeing very early and the only flights to Luxor are at five in the morning. We used an agency, Nawas, which is located in Egypt and they were very reasonable. They were able to set us up on an Abercrombie and Kent boat down the Nile from Luxor for 4 nights and it was a bargain. Each morning when the boat would dock, we were included in the daily A&K tour. Their guides are wonderful. The A&K boat and Company are the best in Egypt and the service superior but our price for the cruise was negotiated by Nawas. There is absolutely nothing in the world like sailing down the Nile - a lifetime experience.

Part of our party went on to Jordon but the stories were not nearly as enthusiastic as those about Egypt.

Peter in San Francisco.