Subject: Re: Cell Phone in Europe
Hi John and Ziners,

Thanks again for all your helpful tips. I have very good news to report.

Giorgio, the Ziner who owns the Hotel Delle Muse in Rome, saw your messages and read about our phone problem. At his suggestion, we connected via Skype while he phoned Vodafone and acted as a two-way translator. He refused to hang up until the problem was resolved. Now, miraculously, we're up and running! We can now make and receive calls using our Vodafone SIM card here in Canada. We had tried dialing every which way but until something was fixed at "central", nothing worked.

One area of confusion has finally been clarified. One must think of the SIM card as a wallet, only. For dialing, one must use the same sequence of numbers regardless of which SIM card is in the phone. For example, to call Rome from North America, dial 011-39-06-123-4567 or +39-06-123-4567 no matter whether you're using your local or roaming SIM card. Similarly, when dialing a Toronto number from Toronto, dial 416-123-4567, as we always do. Charges are according to the applicable plan, of course. FIDO is back in our phone until we're really roaming, hopefully soon!

Grazie, Giorgio!

Ciao, Linda