Subject: Re: Cell phones for travel
G'day Ziners and Joan,

We also recently traveled rather extensively and purchased a Motorola Razr Quadphone prior to the trip. We simply inserted the SIM card we were already using in Australia, and 'Voila' we were online with our new phone.

We purchased a SIM card to use when we got to the U.S. from Telestrial. Unfortunately, the experience was terrible. We ordered the SIM card online before we left Australia for America. We directed the SIM card to be delivered to an address in the U.S.. Bottom line: it never arrived until over a week after we had left that address for Puerto Rico. We received no satisfaction from Telestrail.

So, all we are saying is be careful, Ziners: Telestrial is not always so helpful as they were for Joan. There really is no super huge reason to buy your SIM card ahead of time. You can purchase them at many locations in at least all the countries we have visited using our quad phone (including Bali & Fiji).

We did purchase SIM cards in several countries. No problems whatsoever. Well, the SIM cards in Panama do expire after only one month. That is very unusual, compared to the expiration time on charged SIM cards in other locations.

To answer Joan's question, we did not have to register our phone or our SIM card in Australia, America, Bali, New Zealand, Panama or Fiji.

Happy and safe traveling to all. Marghe and Marty in Queensland.