Subject: San Diego - Advice please!
Hi Ziners,

We are thinking of a quick trip to San Diego early next February and, as it has been over 20 years since we were there, I'd love a little help.

We are not expecting scorching heat in February but I know that this area is renowned for pleasant weather year round (though last time we were there in mid August and it rained and rained!) and the idea is to get away from Vancouver gloom which we almost always deal with each February.

As we will be away for only 6 to 7 days, I'm wondering if we should stay in 2 separate locations (the Coast and the City?) and whether we should rent as car for all or some of the time.

On checking around, it seems that parking is difficult and expensive downtown and we often enjoy using public transportation when we are in a new City but it seems also that we will need a car to get out of the city centre.

Your thoughts will be much appreciated.

Thanks. Judy Abbotsford BC