Subject: San Diego - Advice please!
Hi Judy,

Our last visit to San Diego was in February, and it rained a lot! So be prepared.

Although we (family of 6) went carless for a day, public transportation was slow and infrequent. We would have spent most of our time waiting for buses if we hadn't rented a car, and probably wouldn't have gotten to visit half the places we saw. We did take the trolley to go to Tijuana, and crossing the border on foot was easy. The people in cars waiting to cross were just inching along. I don't remember parking being particularly difficult in town, except when parts of downtown were flooded and impassable. We were in Vancouver last summer, and that seemed much more crowded to me.

I would stay at the beach. We spent most of our time at Paradise Point, which was great (especially if you prefer semi-detached cottages that open directly to the outdoors, which I do). Old Town is pleasant too, and has some great restaurants, but if you're going to San Diego, might as well be on the water.

JoAnne in northern California