Subject: Re: San Diego - Advice please!

February should be splendid. And if a winter storm comes through they usually pass in a couple of days with the result being crystal clear skies and breathtaking views.

I don't think you need to move between hotels. The distance between the beaches and downtown are not far. I'd suggest a car for the full week you are her. The cost of parking your car depends greatly on which part of town you plan on staying. Downtown undoubtedly the hotels charge a premium for keeping your car in a lot. Elsewhere that wouldn't be the case. As for driving into downtown and parking while shopping or sightseeing I don't find it to be any more expensive than any major city (and a lot cheaper than many).

Public transit is doable but time consuming. The mix of the trolley and buses doesn't really match up to cities with subways. Plus, depending on what you plan on doing while here many of the sights really require a car.

Keep those questions coming and I'll keep firing back answers.

John in San Diego