Subject: Goa
Hello Ziners!

A friend of mine has traveled extensively through India so when I saw the article from Linda on Goa I sent it to him and here was his response:

"I spent Christmas of 1974 in this VERY catholic part of India. This was during the height of "hippiedom" in this little state of India, and way before it became the playground of the rich. It's considered the Riviera of India now, with all the resorts and expensive places to stay. When I was there, there were NO hotels to speak of, never mind resorts. You could buy a lobster dinner (with all the trimmings, for about $1.50 - in rupees). Goa is also one of the very few places in the Indian subcontinent where you can eat pork (usually as chorizo-or Portuguese sausage)....

I've got lots of pictures.....Including pix of the body of St. Francis Xavier (a whole lot of history on him)....."

Lidia in Los Angeles