Subject: First Class Sleeper
G'day, Ziners:

There was a thread on First Class Sleepers, the inflatable back rests for long flights, not too long ago on the Zine. The discussion prompted me to purchase one which I used on my most recent trip to Australia. I used it scrunched down so it didn't stick up over the back of my seat as the website shows, but I thought it was dandy. My friend reported that on the trip south, I slept 11 hours straight. However, I usually sleep 9 hours, so I'm not sure it was only the Sleeper to account for the extra 2 hours.

On the way back, however, our Brisbane-LA flight lost an engine 4.5 hours into the 12-hour trip & we had to turn back to Sydney, another 5 hours. Then, after a short sleep at a Sydney hotel, Qantas put us on the Sydney-LA flight for a 13-hour trip. Then the Sleeper really paid off in my comfort!

I found it at a local retailer. My only complaint is that the plastic or vinyl used for the blow-up tube smells just awful & the odor persists after lots of time in fresh air outside, not to mention more hours than I care to count in an aircraft.

I'm way behind on travelogue, sadly. Returning just before Thanksgiving was great, especially seeing my precious grandchildren. Takes time away from the computer, tho.

Gail In chilly grey Eugene