Subject: Re: A Villa or Farmhouse in Burgundy or Champagne?
Hi Lisa and fellow Ziners!

My husband and I regularly travel using rentals rather than hotels. As a matter of fact, we returned early November from 3 months in Europe (Netherlands, France and Italy and Sicily) traveling from place to place renting small cottages, apartments, etc. for one week at a time. Ours is just a bit more difficult in that we travel with our little Dachshund so we must always find pet-friendly places but in Europe that's not much of a problem.

As for your request, first try using a search engine such as Google and put in "burgundy holiday rental" or "champagne holiday rental" and you'll have a plethora of sites to peruse. Some of the sites we used this year are:

The above sites are all owner operated. We have found, over the years, we rather deal directly with the owner of a property than go through an agency which adds its commission on to the rental price.

Have fun searching and choosing! Jane, Boca Raton