Subject: Update on attempted Libya Travel
Thanks to all Ziners who have offered suggestions. But I need more!!

I have emailed 3 different Afriqiyah offices (International Bookings, Customer Service, and Customer Relations). The only response I have (so far) is that the Customer Relations email address is invalid.

I have made various attempts to book on-line. First, I discovered that Internet Explorer has an option to change security levels for individual sites, so I dropped Afriqiyah to 'allow everything'. This still didn't help. So I removed my firewall and tried again.

This time I could always get to the flight selection page, but after selecting my flights and clicking on the 'Get prices' button (the only way out of the page), I ALWAYS get the messages:

Error getting fare quote ! ! Sorry, there was an error.

This happened at least 20 times - and I tried mutiple flight selections going out 3 months. So I have re-attached my firewall (and again can't even get to the flight selection page - but don't want my computer unprotected).

Vince/Gerry - as you seem to have got past that point, can you email me directly with details of your browser (thanks in anticipation)?

The Visa issue is a complicated one - and even Lewis Carroll could write a book on that. Essentially Canadians have two options:

1. Travel to Belgium and apply for a Libyan Visa there which will be valid for 1 month from date of issue (but no indication of how long it will take to issue the Visa). Or

2. Receive an "invitation" from a Libyan national who will arrange to meet you at your entry point and pre-arrange the Visa and be at the border to greet you. The 'Libyan national' will, in most cases be an 'approved' travel agent (and charge for the invitation).

My agent is in Tripoli, so entering somewhere else isn't possible (i.e can't cross the border by land, which was one suggestion). I have recived an offer through the agent to purchase our tickets but they want about 50% more for the flights plus an additional handling fee (I'll happily pay a reasonable fee but resent the 50+% markup on the tickets themselves).

Another irony in this is that US citizens CANNOT get in this way. They must get a Visa in advance from the Libyan Consulate in Canada - BUT this consulate is not empowered to issue Visas to Canadians (only the Belgian one is).

So, can anyone else come up with any other possibilities? My latest thoughts are to get a relative in UK to try and book for me (assuming I can locate a travel agent there that will do this).

Alan & Catherine in Toronto