Subject: Re: Update on attempted Libya Travel
Hello Alan and Catherine!

While I may not be dealing with your airfare problem (I'm using Alitalia/Delta), I am dealing with the visa difficulty. Apparently, the Libyans are upset with the US for we must have denied someone their visa to come here so: they are denying US citizens visas, even going through the Canadian route. Americans recently signed up on a tour couldn't go as the Libyans refused to cooperate. Even though it's a British tour. Don't know how long it's going to last.

Maybe the fact that the Canadians are on speaking terms with the Americans is affecting your visa. I hope to get to Libya in February and will be in London in December, so may go for the visa at the embassy there. Remember, passports have to be translated into Arabic along with the invitation. I have no suggestions; just sympathy!

Jo in Sunnyvale, NoCa