Subject: Re: Libya Travel
Hi Gail and Everyone else!

I had problems getting my Iranian visa on time and it looks it was a snap compared to getting the Libyan visa. My travel people warned me about it and are keeping me in the loop. We will see whether I might do better getting it in London or go through their regular channels and get it from Canada. But they are the ones who told me the Libyans didn't clear several Americans on the last trip. I know, for the first time in my life, I'm looking into travel insurance in case this all folds. I'm due to go in February. By November, everything can change!

So far, I've found Delta-Alitalia the cheapest/most convenient way to go from SFO. I'm flying into Tunis for several days and then meeting the tour in Tripoli, flying back from Tripoli. Looks like it will run less than $900. Go via NYC & Milan. Return Milan & Atlanta.

I'll keep everyone posted! Good luck to all of us!

Jo in Sunnyvale NoCA