Subject: Re: Guatemala - Lake Atitlán

Your travelogue on Guatemala is wonderful! Thank you for sharing Lake stories.

In February, Wilma & I will miss each other by one day. By the time I arrive at the lake, she will be long gone. Our team of 81 doctors, nurses & 5 interpreters will arrive on Feb 26.

I have also decided to go to the lake in January for a week of stove installations with a small team. We will stay in what we hope will become our new team center in an unused army base in Sololá & go out to a nearby village daily. Now more than ever, the ONIL stoves are important: they are 70% more efficient than the traditional three-rock fires in use in indigenous homes. This means less firewood, which means less impact on riparian environments & fewer mudslides after heavy rains & hurricanes.

Our stove website:

I can't wait to go.

Gail In dreary cold Eugene