Subject: Re: Carmel and Highlands Inn
Hello Ziners:

We stayed at the Highlands Inn(aka Hyatt) for one night last year in September and it really hasn't changed much since the Hyatt took over. It is still beautiful and breath taking. The restaurant is great and I remember the dinner being fixed price and there was a very continental atmosphere. There is marvelous veranda where you can have breakfast.

We headed straight to the cocktail lounge to catch the sunset before going to our room. When we did go to our room after dinner, we discovered a bottle of champagne and a bottle of red wine awaiting us there-alas.

We used a Hyatt free night earned from a stay in Buffalo, but I believe the price was around $350 to $400 or more per night. The hotel is about 30 minutes south of Carmel. It is off season now in Carmel, so maybe the price will be more reasonable.

If you can handle the Highlands Inn price and can drive another 30 minutes, also consider the Big Sur River Inn or the Ventana Spa and Resort in Big Sur - both are world class and the Ventana Spa and Resort also has fireplaces in the rooms. I have never stayed at the River Inn, but have eaten at the restaurant and remember that their pool was on a ledge overlooking the Pacific.

Peter in San Francisco