Subject: Re: Help on a cruise to/from Hawaii
Hi, Wil and cruising friends,

I'll add another Diana's tip by suggesting that you check out a cruise search engine--my favorite for user-friendliness is Travelocity. Go to Advanced Cruise Finder, input Hawaii as destination, input a date range by months (the Hawaii season for trips between the mainland and the islands is generally mid-fall to mid-spring), and leave the departure port and cruise line on default "all" to get the broadest results. You will see some almost all of the cruise lines represented, with ships departing from various California ports, as well as Vancouver.

Note, we have been to Hawaii via land trip and via cruise ship. I have to say that the cruise gives you only a taste of the islands you visit. It is a delightful way to enjoy some Aloha moments, but if someone is seeking a more in-depth Hawaiian experience, I would recommend the land trip. As many Canadians have frequently escaped to Hawaii for fun-in-the-sun, it may very well be that your friends have done so and are more interested in the cruise life this time.

Happy travels to all,

Diana Ball near Houston, TX