Subject: Re: Vancouver (city) ideas?
Hi Ziners,

Granville Island is connected to the mainland on its southern side, so no need to take the boat if you'd prefer to drive or walk; the boat (which simply crosses a narrow waterway) runs all year, though, every five minutes. I agree that Granville Island is worth a visit, though it's not as active in the winter as other times of the year.

If you have a car, a restaurant "must visit" is the Salmon House on the Hill in West Vancouver (over the Lions Gate Bridge). The best of west coast seafood, and a spectacular view to boot (if it's not raining). If you can't escape downtown, though, they have a nice sister restaurant: Aqua Riva

There's lots to see and do in the Vancouver area; like always, the best choices depend a lot on what you prefer to see and do!

... Doug (ex-Vancouverite, currently in San Francisco)