Subject: Re: Do films inspire your travels?
Hi Ziners:

I was originally inspired to travel when I was very young and my mum took me to see the original Kon Tiki documentary. I ate, slept, and dreamt travel after that (and still do). As a pre-teen, any movie on Africa, particularly about the people and animals, had me slavering at the mouth to get going.

And as an adult, the French movie "Valley Obscured by Clouds" reconfirmed my craving to visit Papua New Guinea, which I did in 1994. Unfortunately I was so ill when I got there I didn't get out of Port Moresby, but hopefully one of these days I'll try again.

Other than that, any travel film/documentary/talk/slide show will crank the travel itch into life. Or a good book. Or just daydreaming.

Nadine Vancouver