Subject: Re: Do films inspire your travels?
Hi Ziners,

Not a movie, but a couple of TV shows inspired a spur-of- the-moment tour, in Washington's Cascade mountains.

After a totally obscene Sunday brunch at the Salish Lodge and Spa in Snoqualmie Falls (the brunch truly illustrates the word "potlatch"), my husband and I, along with my Seattle cousins, decided to go for a drive. Upon arrival in North Bend, after crossing the Snoqualmie Pass, we stopped at the Double R Diner, where the "best apple pie in Twin Peaks" was served. (No, not to us. We had more than eaten our fill for the day!)

Then, it was on to Roslyn, a.k.a. Cicely of Northern Exposure. We bought some souvenirs at RuthAnne's General Store and walked down Pennsylvania Ave., visiting all the familiar (and working) haunts of the show's characters. Most interesting was the Roslyn Cemetery, a widespread tract of land that housed many small cemeteries. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the people of Roslyn were buried alongside others of their nationality or lodge. It was fun reading the tombstones.

Carrie, enjoying a warmish spell in Bardonia, NY