Subject: Re: Do Films Inspire Your Travels?
Hi Graciela and other Ziners:

Regarding your question as to how to figure out the location of a film, you're right in thinking that sometimes it's easy to see, as in the case of Roman Holiday. That's definitely Rome! However, these days, things are often not what they appear to be. For instance, the film Chicago was filmed completely here in Toronto, where I live, as were countless other films.

If you watch the credits, you can often see where the film was shot. Sometimes, the credits will read "Thanks to the citizens of ......." or "Filmed on location in .......". If you rent a video, it's even easier, because you can slow down the credits to have a better look.

As Frances mentioned, the Internet Movie Data Base is an incredible source of information about all things to do with film, including film locations. You mentioned El Cid. I checked, and the locations are there.

If all this fails to give you the info, one could also try writing to the studio or posting a question on the IMDB.

Hope this helps you - Margaret in Toronto