Subject: Self-catering - Basque Country and La Rioja
Dear Paula,

self-catering is difficult in the spanish Basque Country and La Rioja region, and more so during winter. The usual self-catering option is an apartment by the sea or in one small village in La Rioja, rented privately and usually for 15 days or more.

Also, you are mentioning "out of the cities". Are you planning to drive, or do you plan on using public transport only? That would certainly clarify things.

A good option, instead of the self-catering thing, and if you were to have a car, would be to stay at an "agriturismo" (also called "turismo rural).

A couple of good websites to begin with are : ( official Basque Country tourism website ) ( official La Rioja tourism website )

Although I should tell you that January/February can be miserable, cold, rainy and sometimes (as last year) with a fair amount of snow ...

Please write back with any other question,

kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao/Madrid - Spain