Subject: Re: Dining in Barcelona
Dear Linda, Don and Fellow Ziners,

We were in Barcelona in March 2004 and May 2005. Both times we had dinner in a restaurant that we would consider in our top ten of all time. The restaurant is Mey Hoffman (L'Argenteria 74 -78; Phone 93 319 5889) very near the church of Santa Maria del Mar. Mey Hoffman actually runs a school of cuisine, and the students are required to learn all aspects of the restaurant business while working at the restaurant. The restaurant is small (reservations are mandatory), beautifully decorated and features wonderful food.

Other restaurants we enjoyed were Bestial (on the beach) at Ramon Trias Fargas 2/4 (93 224 0407) and El Principal, Provenca 286/288 (93 272 0845).

We can honestly say we enjoyed every meal in Barcelona!

Winnie Newport, RI