Subject: Hawaii Notes - General Info
Hi Ziners...

A Promise Kept! (to myself, that is, completing our

Hawaii trip report by the end of the year). For ease in your reference, I am submitting separate Notes on each of the four main islands in order to not bore you with data on any you may not be interested in.

Initially, here is General Info.

HAWAII NOTES - Dom & Lucille Gioello, Oct 7-Nov 2,2005


Hawaiian Islands are beautiful! And well worth the long, tedious flight from the east coast. Each is unique in its own right and must be seen to be appreciated. The beautiful oceansides, blossoming flora, interesting culture and unique sights combine to make a very educational, informative and enjoyable experience. The Hawaiin people are gracious, friendly and warm toward tourists as well.

Driving on the islands is no problem at all; roads are well marked and most drivers are courteous.

A Hawaii State Library card is available for a $10 fee which allows internet access for three months at any state library, most conveniently located.

The Hawaiin Language has only 12 letters in its alphabet, hence repetitive names of towns and places on the same and other islands...a bit confusing to say the least!

Hilo Hattie's outlets are on each island and provide courtesy transportation to its stores which sell clothing, souvenirs and local treats.

The Hawaii State Flower is the Hibiscus; we must have seen every one of the many varieties and colors!

We used Hawaiin Air for inter-island flights and found them to be prompt, cleaner and newer planes.

All in all, it was a sensational trip. Spending 6-7 days on each island and making our way around as much as we did gave us a worthwhile overview of what each offers. A trip to Hawaii is most highly recommended.

Aloha! Dom & Lucille Gioello in West Hartford, Ct