Subject: Re: Luggage service on Italian trains?
Hi Irene,

Don and I usually travel by train in Europe. Although the configuration varies by train, all cars are provisioned with space for luggage, either racks above the seats or shelves at the end of each car.

If your suitcase is carry-on size (which ours are), you can store your luggage behind your seat in the space created by the back-to-back seat configuration which is fairly common. In any case, keep your suitcase near where you are sitting or where you can see it.

Even if you have purchased your train ticket in advance, reservations might be compulsory. Using the German Rail web site: you can check to see if the train you're planning to take is subject to compulsory reservations.

If you tell us more about your itinerary, we might be able to offer other helpful tips.

Happy New Year, Linda