Subject: Re: Do Films Inspire Your Travels?
Hi Ziners,

Margaret talked about films and travel. Venice is one of those places that is magical in both movies and books. I just finished reading "Miss Garnet's Angel" by Salley Vickers and it gives you a great feel for Venice - I wanted to wander the alleys. It made me remember when my family added Venice to our "big" European train journey 10 years ago. I was worried because I didn't think that Venice would measure up to the mystery of "Death in Venice" or the romantic sunlit Venice of Summertime with Katherine Hepburn. But it did! I thoroughly enjoyed Venice.

For books about London, Florence and Venice see

Although I have not seen it, evidently Venice plays a starring role in the new film Casenova.

Have you any suggestions for cities that are captured by books or film? Were you disappointed when you saw the real thing?

Frances Toronto, Canada