Subject: Re: Prague Lodging
Hello Ziners,

I wanted to add that we also went to Prague in July 2005 for my yearly visa (I have to have a new visa each year to live here).

We took a Russian tour and saw the same sites as Carolyn, as well as a river boat ride with dinner and a free Becherovka there. We loved the city so much that we will probably return for subsequent visits. Our hotel choice was a little too remote for us (booked as an economy trip through an agent in Russia) but was actually quite nice with the standard European breakfast included . I think we would choose a more central hotel on the next trip.

Anyway I can agree that it is a great place to visit. We also looked at the site for ideas while we were on our own.

I recommend having Czech beers, Becherovka (easier to say if you know some Russian) and food. While Budweiser is a Czech beer, and not bad in Prague, I don't like it much. I would recommend trying various house taps and such. I'm not a beer connoiseur, but their beers are popular all over Europe and Russia as well. When I do drink, I general prefer Kozel (which means 'ram'). But the house brands (and even strange flavors of fruit or woods) are your best bet in their local restaurants.

[We can't remember the name or the address of the best one, but only how to find it by walking. It was a long walk and we do have a local guides personal telephone number there if we have things to find again. He loves to visit our city, and was Moldovan, so communication would require a fair amount of Russian at least.]

We visited another few cities that were wonderful, but I was just watching and don't remember them. One was a waterpark, mall, and old architecture near Germany with a few cheap and wonderful German restaraunts. The other I know was Karlovy Vary (not sure how to put that in English, only know in Russian and Czech). But often we found the other cities very interesting as well.

Sky Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Mod´s note : Karlovy Vary is the name in English. It only changes to Karlsbad in german ... I wonder if the spa near Germany you visited could be Marianszke Lane (better known for the Resnais´ film "L'année dernière à Marienbad" ) ... Rgds, Covadonga