Subject: Re: DSL in Europe
Hi Linda,

I'm replying to a great question about what type of connectors or cables would be required to access the broadband in European hotels.

My experience tells me two things. Always carry RJ-45 network connection cable. This is the standard network or ethernet twisted pair cable. (As my mother would say, "the telephone wire that goes in the big sized telephone hole".)

We are currently preparing for a trip next week to Estonia. I know that almost every major hotel in Tallinn happens to also have wireless internet access for their customers. Security wise, there can be some concerns, but otherwise the option of wireless broadband from your hotel room is wonderful. That is the route that I usually chose myself.

As for DSL dongles, you shouldn't worry about those. Most hotels that offer internet services will also have an in- house server. In which case the server should be connected to the internet, and you will only need to connect to the network and that server.

Any other info, I would love to know. I'm still learning this stuff too.

Sky Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation