Subject: Re: Travel Compensation
Good morning, Ziners,

We've had two instances where we were compensated for travel "inconveniences". The first was on a return from Barbados due to the charter airline having a repair problem. We were one day late in getting back to Detroit. In our case, we were returned to our hotel where we spent the day in relative comfort and then bussed back to the airport where we spent the night from hell in a very uncomfortable airport (that's before the new one was built!). Upon return, I did send a registered letter to the president of the airline and about two months later, we got back 1/7 of the cost of the trip each and had to sign a disclaimer against any further claims. It appeared that a class action suit had been filed on behalf of all the passengers by some lawyers who missed a day of their vacation.

The second instance was again an airplane malfunction out of Cozumel. I was supposed to get home on a Saturday night and finally got home on Monday morning. Again, we were taken back to the hotel and given meal vouchers. However, my husband had made two unsuccessful trips to the Detroit Airport to fetch me and neither time was I there (a 140 mile round trip each way, plus parking). I ended up hitching a ride with some people who were going to Windsor where my parents resided and my daughter drove there to pick me up. Again, I wrote to the airline and received a voucher for a return trip to anywhere they flew, good for the following year. I got a free return flight to Puerto Vallarta which was great. I have no idea if any of the rest of the passengers were compensated or if they even complained.

The moral of the story is that is does pay to complain BUT do it in writing, be polite and civil in all your dealings, be persistent and keep copies.

Pat, Ontario