Subject: Re: Zoom Airlines
Lucy & Ziners:

The issue of aircraft safety has indeed become more complex.

My return flight from Australia in November, 4.5 hours out of Brisbane the pilot announced he had to shut down a faulty engine & that we would return to Sydney. Sydney? Why not Honolulu which was closer at that point? Or Brisbane, from which we had departed? Because Qantas' mechanics, parts & planes are all based in Sydney, we would fly 5 hours to where the plane could be fixed. Qantas organized buses for almost 400 passengers, accommodations at Sydney, meal vouchers, return transport to the airport the next day & a different plane for the return trip. It wasn't so bad, & I got frequent flyer miles for that 9 hour flight to nowhere, plus the miles for the flight to LA the next day.

Fix the plane, fellas, & I'll happily wait while you do it. I was amazed at the grumbling from folks who would have preferred that we limp along minus an engine across the Pacific!

Gail In Eugene