Subject: Re: Zoom Airlines
Hi Lucy and All:

I haven't used Zoom (yet), and had never heard of it until my ex-husband used it to visit us from the UK last year. He said it was quite comfortable (he's tall and has trouble getting his legs comfortable) and on that trip there were no delays either way. So that's a step up over Air Transat, which has to be the most cramped, uncomfortable carrier I've ever used. And the Air Transat flight was late leaving for the UK and four hours late coming back (the pilot was waiting for a new seat to be flown in from Quebec). But it was cheap ($350 Cad total return).

I almost booked a flight to London this past summer via Zoom, but adding both the one-way legs, or even using a return fare, was more expensive, at the time, than Air Canada. Guess Air Canada was having a seat sale or something. Anyway, it was three hours late in leaving forLondon, no explanation. So I still haven't tried Zoom, but will do so one day.

Nadine Vancouver, BC