Subject: UK hotel cancellation fees legal question
Hi Ziners,

Is there some sort of regulation for cancellation fees charged for the UK hotel/bed and breakfast industry? I haven't been able to find a website that lays out the law on this. I had made a reservation with a Bed and Breakfast / country inn in Wales for over New Year's but had to cancel my trip due to my father's terminal illness. Their cancellation policy states: 0-13 days 100% 14-27 days 75% 28-55 days 60% 56-89 days 33% Over 90 days 10%

Is this legal?

Thus i am being charged 60% of the original 2 night reservation. I have emailed her back and pleaded extenuating circumstances and i'm sure when we had spoke on the phone she had said she was willing to be flexible because i told her last year my flight had been delayed due to a snowstorm. I had trip cancellation insurance but didn't cover the cost of the hotel because i hadn't booked it yet. Most hotels only charge you a fee for cancelling if you cancel within 1 to 3 days of the reservation. I suspect that Inns or Bed and Breakfast are allowed to make their own cancellation policies and it isn't governed by any regulation but does anyone know?

Diane Johnston Halifax, NS