Subject: Re: Paris hotel question
Marta and George and Paris Travelers,

I stayed at the wonderful HOTEL BRITANNIQUE in October upon the suggestion of a member of TheTravelzine. It was a lovely, lovely, experience. I read quite a few reviews on Tripadvisor and knew that the rooms would be small. I was a single and stayed in a double room and it was definitely cozy. I would suggest that you upgrade to as large a room as your budget will allow. I would not have been happy in my room if I had a travel companion. If you are coming from a cruise I would think that you will have at least two good sized suitcases and my room would not have been adequate to unpack and hang stuff for a couple. I also ate breakfast there and there was enough food to last me through to an early dinner.

One benefit was that I was able to pick up a free wireless network from somewhere outside the hotel so I did not have to pay the hotel fee to join their network. I travel with my laptop and I enjoy being wired up.

The front desk people are warm and it seems that the management of the hotel has set a policy to be gracious hosts and to make their guests' Paris visit as memorable as possible.

Bettina, visiting in NY