Subject: Re: UK hotel cancellation fees legal question

> I am not a legal person, but it is very common practice
> for hotels and other accommodation providers to have such
> a cancellation policy. As long as they mention the
> cancellation policy to you before you book.

Bard, of course this is right. I was fully aware of the cancellation policy. However I did discover an email I had from the manager stating, as we had spoken on the phone, that they would be willing to be flexible, and only charge 10% because I had mentioned that my flight last year was delayed due to snow. She had agreed that if that happened again, "unusual circumstances, such as bad weather" that they would not charge a high rate. I forwarded that email back to her and rang her as well. I was emotional and upset and I did state that I understood she was running a business but perhaps a compromise was in order, given her email. She said that she should have been more specific about snow and I quickly pointed out that these circumstances were just as "unusual". Anyway the gist of it is that it seems like she is going to look into the matter and get back to me. I think, where I had something in writing, while it isn't ironclad, I may get a compromise. If not, there isn't much I can do about it, I realize this.

Diane Johnston Halifax