Subject: Amsterdam
Hi, everyone -

In 2004, a friend and I stayed at the Hotel Singel, on the Singel (canal) in Amsterdam. Excellent value for money - conscientious, scrupulous & caring proprietors, good location (easy walk to the train station, especially handy when you are taking the train to the airport, or to anywhere else in Holland.)

If you are squeamish about the red light district, be warned - a few of the ladies of the night live in the neighborhood, and I would definitely suggest asking for a room on an upper floor, especially in summer, to avoid street noise. All hotels in Amsterdam are on the expensive side, and it's never easy to find a room.

Here's a link for the hotel:

I'd be careful about booking through a service, as they do take a cut. Try phoning - the personnel speak excellent English. The trip advisor site has reviews & information.

Julie in Seattle (where it is raining and raining and...)