Subject: Re: Help with Greek Islands
Hi Paul

I have not done that trip yet but hope to some day. I did do a little investigating and it seems that you don't really need a car on the islands for an island hopping trip.

Here are a few planning sites from our Zine links library:

An off-season guide to Greece Trip planning help. Does not recommend hotels and restaurants.

Greek National Tourism Organization

Greek ferries

Greek island hopping online Includes information about ferry routes. See lists with info about ferry safety.

Travel guide to Greece

Also it seems that if you plan to use B&B's, you need not book except during high season. Hosts meet the ferries with brochures, etc. and take you to their homes.

As for seeing the islands, I saw a Rick Steves episode about the Greek Islands and there seems to be a good infrastructure of guided tours that you can take.

I know that Lucy and other Ziners have actually done the trip, so I will wait for further comments from Ziners with experience! I am also looking forward to your trip report.

Frances Toronto, Canada