Subject: Re: Help with Greek Islands
Dear Paul:

I know you'll be getting lots of good information about the Islands, however, here are my two cents worth. There are a lot of sites re "Greek ferries" when you Google that subject, or "Greek Islands" travel. One is which I suggest you check out for a good discussion of the subject. As for islands, everyone has his or her own favorites. Among the larger islands, ours are Rhodes and Corfu, especially the former which should not be missed, and other family favorites are Santorini and Lesbos. There are a number which we have not yet had the opportunity to visit. I have a great desire to see Crete and have heard and read nothing but great things about it, the history and the music there particularly attract me, but I have not made it yet, A great many people favor Mykonos, which is not one of my favorites. I hope this helps.

Best regards, Don in Los Angeles