Subject: Re: Help with Greek Islands
Dear Paul:

I'm glad to help. Unfortunately, our last Greek visit was a number of years ago, so the information from other Ziners will probably be of more value. Of the large islands the one you should not miss in my opinion is Rhodes. It's a winner on several counts. First, it is beautiful and green. Secondly it has some ancient ruins on the far end of the island in the village of Lindos that are fascinating and the location and views from there are unbeatable. There are many colorful and charming small villages off the beaten path.

The capital city, Rhodes, was the home of the ancient Colossus of Rhodes; it's a beautiful city with a lovely harbor. Now added to that is the fact that it was the stronghold of the medieval order of the Knights of Rhodes, later known as the Knights of Malta when they were driven there by the Turks. The lodgings of the various orders, the palace of the order and its cathedral, with the tombs of many of the ancient knights are all extremely interesting if you like ancient and medieval history. This island has it all. The island is touristy, but it is large enough for you to find new and exciting locations if you go off the beaten path.

We,(my wife, Barbara and I) visited the islands of Corfu, which is also a great one, Mykonos, Cos, and one other which slips my mind at the moment. I am sorry to admit that I was not then (nor am I now) the thorough recorder of travels that our fellow Ziners clearly are. But Crete will be my first choice for my next visit there, if I can there.

Best regards, Don in L.A.