Subject: Venice and Provence
Hi Ziners:

We are trying to firm up our summer plans and as usual I have a few questions to ask. We will be flying to Venice for a few days at the end of May before taking a cruise around Italy which ends in Monaco. Then we want to rent a car and stay in a rental in Provence for a week and then perhaps the vicinity of Perpignan for a week.

Re Venice: I have searched the Zine archives and read the favourable account on the Pensione Accademia. What appealed to us most was the fact that you didn't have to drag your luggage around and could take a water taxi to the hotel. When I looked at the hotel website, it said that there was a 5 minute walk from the water taxi. Anyone know of a "reasonably priced" hotel where you can land at the door? Because of the cruise, we will be carrying an excessive amount of luggage.

Re Provence: We want to find a rental for a week somewhere near Aix and then somewyere near Perpignan. We have never done this before and from my research, it looks like we have to bring our own linens and towels. Is this correct? Do these places normally take credit cards or personal cheques? We want something in or very close to a town with restaurants nearby as we will be taking day trips and don't want to drive at night after drinking all that wonderful wine with dinner. Any suggestions you might have would be very appreciated.

Gratefully, Penny and Bob in Toronto