Subject: Re: Venice and Provence
Hi Penny and Bob,

Concerning your questions about weekly rentals in Provence, our experience has been to request linens and towels when you book. Some places include these, others will have a small fee. Be sure to specify both linens and towels. We stayed in one apartment where we requested linens, assuming that included towels, which it didn't and we had to go out and purchase these at the local supermarche.

We have sent deposits in euros by bank draft. If full payment is required prior to arrival, bank draft is simplest. You may be able to arrange to pay the balance upon arrival, usually in cash. We have had no problems with payments. All info. is available on the websites.

Here are some sites we have used, and recommend:

Enjoy! Planning is almost as good as being there!

Annabelle and Bill, Barrie, Ontario