Subject: Hotels in Venice off a boat
Hello Penny,

Venice is packed with small and large hotels to suit everybody's taste and budget, but only some of them, the most exclusive (and expensive) have a private pier on a main canal. Some canals are simply too narrow for water taxis and the berthing space along the shores is limited, so it can happen your hotel room is right on the water but the lobby is on the opposite side in an alley. The closest pier can be anywhere from 10 meters to a 10 minutes walk; sometimes the public boat stop is closer than the taxi pier, so you need to check carefully with the hotel about what is the best transportation option and whether they can help with your baggage. Please also be advised cruises from Venice depart from Stazione Marittima but passengers are usually welcomed at the train station, which is conveniently served by public boat transport.

On the other hand water taxis are really expensive and a ride from the Accademia to Stazione Marittima would probably cost you more than a hotel's night equivalent.

Bye, Paolo Trieste, Italy