Subject: Re: Tours to Libya. And on to Pakistan!
Hello Ziners and Anne in Yuma!

I know Odyssey is advertising tours to Libya, as are others. Still, the visas have not been forthcoming. International Travel News reported US citizen were not allowed off ships even though they had paper work together - and that one ship with primarily US citizens was not allowed to dock. There is a report that the Libyans are changing their mind about all this but not in time for my tour - so I'm off to Tunisia. If the Brits (and I tend to go with British groups) can't get me a visa, no one can!

Oh well, there's another year - I hope!

Anyone know about getting from Lahore to Islamabad? I'll be in Pakistan in June and at the end of the tour, I'll be in Lahore and need to catch my flight out from Islamabad. I know there's bus service but need to know when it runs: my flight out is an early AM BA flight. Or if taxi is a possibility in the middle of the night? Or do I just stay over. Comments and suggestions welcome!

Jo in Sunnyvale!