Subject: Re: Hawaii - Oahu and Kauai
Aloha, Kevin and Peggy,

There was a Yahoo mixup in my earlier comment regarding your Hawaii plans (it never got sent), so here is a repeat.

You are going at a perfect time...sun, ocean, flora and sights galore will make for a glorious experience.

>From Kailua (which you will absolutely love, as we did), you might head toward the DelMonte Plantation and continue up the northwes inland/coast to lunch at the famous Turtle Bay Resort, then return south via the east coast route and try to stop at the Macadamia Nut Farm on your left, asking them if you can go out back to see the beautiful movie sites and flora that we unfortunately missed. This would give you a view and feel of both coasts.

On Kauai, I note that Kalaheo is just a bit inland, so my suggestion is that once you get to a beach area, you stay and enjoy as much as you can.

Heading up to Princeville, I doubt that you will be hungry enough for lunch when you reach Kaapa (which is only about an hour from your location); there are many restaurants between Princeville and Haena State Park which you might want to make an effort to get to (changing facilities available and the water is fantastic up there, not to mention the very scenic drive); if you don't want to beach up there, Hanalei Bay offers an will be a full day but a worthwhile one.. and, of course, you will want to go into the famous Princeville Resort and walk around a bit there.

The day you go down toward Poipu, I would suggest taking a right at Poipu Beach Road to the end, then a right to a free parking lot from which you can go to either the Waikola Marriott beach to the right or the one to the left.

After your wonderful day there, when you go back up Poipu Beach Road, take a right (instead of a left to return home) and go down to the Hyatt...park on the street and walk down and around to see it (that unique cocktail lounge with the sky as the stage background is an interesting sight) Shipwreck Beach is right behind it.

By the way, if of interest, a Library with internet availability is located on this main road.

All in all, you are certain to enjoy the experience. Do tell upon your return!

Lucille, West Hartford