Subject: Re: Help with Greek Islands
Dear Paul,

As I just returned from my Christmas holidays, I answer with some delay to your question.

I live in Athens and if you want, we can organize together your trip to Greek islands or, why not, to Greek mainland. Because apart of the islands, Greece has very beautiful places in the mainland, which are on a coast, like Peloponnesus. Then you can rent a car from Athens and drive without need to enter to a ship.

For the islands it's better and more flexible not to rent a car in Athens, but rent a car in each island, when you need it.In such way you can use hydrofoil boats, which don't accept cars, to go from one island to another.

There are a lot of different itineraries you can choose depending on your interests : some islands you have to visit if your main interest is night life and others if you like visiting ancient ruins and historical places.

Please let me know what you want to visit and I will propose you the best.

Best Regards to all, Joanna in Athens