Subject: Hawaii - Oahu and Kauai

What a great month to be visiting are absolutely certain to have a great time.

If I may, a couple of observations regarding your Plan, just thoughts for whatever help they may be:

Kailua...... is a wonderful place to stay!! It was Dom's very favorite beach...quiet, beautiful and exspansive.If you can walk to the beach from where you stay, fine; otherwise, at the southern end of Kalaheo Street there is a public beach with picnic tables and the like.

The trek up to Diamond Head can be very wearing, so it is wise to just beach it and relax the rest of the afternoon.

By the way, if either or both of you are in for a massage, there is a great school right downtown Kailua which has evening appointments with a student or graduate - very professional and very reasonable....the staff all wears dark green shirts with the school logo...but somehow I lost the card..They advertise in any of the local Kailua tourist info that you will pick up.

When you drive to the North Shore, you could take the route up to Dole Plantation and continue on to Turtle Bay along the west side for lunch; then return via the east coast and stop at the Macadamia Nut Farm which I mentioned and try to get in the back to see the fabulous gardens/sight of many movies (which we missed). Do tell if you get there!

as to Kauai... I see by the map that Kalaheo is just a bit inland so when you drive to beach areas, my suggestion is that you stay a while to enjoy them.

For example, on Saturday since you plan to be in Koloa, drive down the road towards Poipu Beach and turn on Poiplu Beach Road to the end; take a right and free park there then go to the beach on the left or the one on the right which is the Marriott Waikola beach but open to the's a great beach and good walking area if you are so inclined; you can change at any of the hotel restrooms and then be ready for dinner at Cafe Cara or otherwise to avoid going back and forth to your home base.

When you come back up Poipu Beach Road, take a right on the main road which you took down and go all the way to the end...park on the street when you see the Hyatt entrance and walk in there just to see it and walk along Shipwreck Beach behind it if you'd like.

This day will give you a good feel for the Poipu Beach area which is a favorite of ours.

Depending on when you leave (the earlier the better...a long day!) to drive up to Princeville, I would be surprised if you are ready for lunch when you hit Kapaa..and I doubt if you'd want to take the time for a leisurely lunch instead of a fast food snack to keep you going.

My choice would be to drive all the way up to Princeville and lunch at the Princeville Resort...or at least get out and walk around it...and then continue up thru Hanalei ... lots of restaurants on the main road...and hopefully all the way north to Haena State Park (bring your bathing suits..changing facilities there); the ride up is really spectacular.If you don't go all the way to Haena (a shame to miss it if you have the time) you could beach it at Hanalei Bay.

Returning home you may hit Wailua in time for a late dinner...

If you haven't yet, suggest you check mileage/distances to give you a better idea of time, etc.some of the Hawaii tourist sites give you map and distance info or Mapquest probably can.

Whatever you do, you are hitting the highlights and will have a most memorable Enjoy! I'm getting excited for you.

Aloha, Lucille in Ct.