Subject: Re: Venice
Hello Ziners,

Just to chime in on the Venice hotel thread-- I have stayed at the Hotel Ala and it is super convenient to the vaporetto. I prefer it to its partner the Do Pozzi because there is no bridge to haul luggage over. (Partner as in you can get to either website from the other Otherwise I also like the Do Pozzi very much. I have stayed at both places twice.

As for the Ala, it is the only hotel that I have stayed in in nine trips to Italy that has an ice machine. Thank goodness it did because on my last stay there in hurrying to drop off some packages, I tripped on a pavement block raised about a half inch. I fell flat on my face, and I mean flat. However, thanks to the ice machine, I was able to lie down with an ice pack for a few minutes and then with another one head out to our scheduled tour. It took three weeks for the bruises around my eyes to disappear.

And yes, I consider myself very lucky. My glasses flew off and didn't even break, and, of course, I didn't break either and I'm not sure why. I think I will head for the Ala next fall for sure.

Ciao, Joan in Illinois