Subject: Venice hotel
Hi Ziners,

Another option for a hotel in Venice is Hotel Villa Dori, which we have booked for May 2006 for our first visit to Venice. The price is very reasonable and when we enquired about transportation from our cruise ship, they said they will pick us up for 15 euros. We found it at this website lots of other hotels are listed as well):

Here is some info on the hotel: "We are from 8 minutes by shuttle service away from the city of Venice,in the mainland, in a lovely location near Forte Tron. This hotel, with all its charm, is part of the fascinating and majestic Riviera del Brenta, which is very famous for its Venetian villas, where the famous architect Palladio built his masterpieces. This ancient villa, originally opened as a restaurant, is now a grand hotel for amazing stays. The old furniture and the ancient decoration of the 1700s gives the hotel a very exciting atmosphere, where courtesy and a great level of hospitality along with quiet and comfortable rooms, suitable for all guests, will turn your stay to an unforgettable experience. A shuttle service from/to Venice city centre is available too. Tantra Cafe Restaurant Fusion & Cocktail Lounge offers italian & international cuisine" Sounds good, will let you know in May,

Annabelle and Bill in Barrie