Subject: Re: Paris Apartment
Hi Felice,

I am going to Paris mid-February and have rented an apt in the 7e from a company called ParisPerfect. I haven't seen it yet, but it's a 1 br, with accommodation for 3 adults, kitchen, 1.5 baths, etc. The price for the week is $1200 US, which seemed about right.

There are alot of companies, agencies, etc. that do apt rentals in Paris. I did a bit of research before deciding on this one, but who knows? (I'll report on it when we return.) All the rental companies offer fairly nice places (at least that's what they look like on their websites!) at varying prices, depending on your needs and location. If you do a search for 'paris apartment' you'll come up with quite a few options. I basically just whittled the list down to what I was looking for and 'took a leap of faith'!

Some of the sites I looked at (this is not nearly complete):

There a lots to choose from! Good luck with your search.

Best regards, Vanessa