Subject: Family reunion trip to Vancouver Island BC
Hi Ziners!

I am just beginning to research a trip for a family reunion. One of the possible locations was Vancouver Island and the surrounding cities. We were thinking a place where we could rent a block of rooms and have plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, maybe kayaking, fishing etc. Plus a room where we could get together for showing pictures and things like that. Good food nearby or at the resort would be a big plus too. I would love suggestions for resorts, cabins, etc.

After the reunion we'd each then go our own ways and tour around the area. I once had a tip from a friend about a wonderful hotel right on the west coast of the island with rooms that had floor to ceiling windows looking out at the rocks and turbulent sea. It talked about the wonderful STORM WATCHING that attracts people there. It was a beautiful place. I know this is vague but if anyone knows of such a hotel I'd love to find it again and then go there! I've googled to no avail.

Thanks for any input... Nancy - in Virginia