Subject: Norway
Hello fellow Ziners!.

We are hoping you are enjoying the new year and are healthy, wealthy and wise!!! Our question concerns Norway, the fjords and the Arctic Circle, all of which we would like to visit. Our travel agent sent us some information regarding fjord cruises, but the ships are quite large and we don't think that's what we want. The trouble is we don't really know what we want so would like to hear from you on this matter. Should we take a large cruise ship, a small ship, a local steamer? Should be take the train and then take trips from various cities? What the best way to get to the Arctic Circle, what planning does that involve? The book I have about Norway doesn't seem to go into much detail, which may mean I need to get another book. When is the best time to go to see the beauty of the fjords and waterfalls and not freeze while doing it. If you prefer to email us privately we would be pleased. If this is a good topic for the group to discuss, we'll accept that.

Thank you in advance, Barb and Joe in Grand Rapids